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Bulk SMS Application

A User friendly & customizable Bulk SMS Application for you marketing purpose.

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What is

Bulk SMS Application

It's a Platform for Bulk SMS providers to help them with their Bulk SMS Marketing in a very effective way. This platform stands unique in available market beacuase of following Exclusive Features:

arrow_right_altIt is easy to customize & any one can change any thing easily.

arrow_right_altIt's have been built with developers in mind.its well-written and open. You can change any thing with there needs.

arrow_right_alt Role management lets you groups users as a unit by assigning users to roles.

arrow_right_altUnlimited user-specified access & Unlimited Reseller Panel.

Ease of Access

It has user-friendly panel which is very easy to use & effective to work with. A Powerful dashboard with all summary to it.

Clean SMS Reports

It provides you a clean, minimal & eye catching SMS history reports. Get your sms history like mobile inbox.

Anti-Fraud System

Admin gets email when anyone sending Spam message, or illegal text and manage using fully automated system.

Integrated SMS Gateways

It comes with popular SMS gateways integrated in it. You can add any Gateway into it of your choice.

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An Outstanding Product

Exclusive Features

Designed to engage teachers and parents. No expertise required to quickly accomplish a task. Get a FREE Demo NOW!!

Client Management
Invoice Management
Custom Templates
Sender ID Management
Phone Book Management
Support Tickets Management
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Make Your SMS Marketing Resourceful Using Our Bulk SMS Application, Which Manages Evreythingything For You. Get A Demo NOW!

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We've come this far by doing what we love. 100+ satisfied clients with our services and 1500+ were benefited with our products.

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