” Next generation web applications to help you sail smooth through challenging and constant-evolving technological changes “
DATAOXY’s web application development services focus on the three key elements of web application design: quick turnaround, directed consumer requirements and responsiveness to company growth.

Developing a Prototype

Based on our ‘understanding of your business’ we will develop the initial layout, design, flow and links based on your requirements and submit them for your review and approval. We work hand-in-hand with our clients in this ‘iterative’ process until we reach the final production stage. “DATAOXY work with you to map out the goals of the web application and identify each of the data sources”.

Database Design & Planning

Based on our initial assessments and findings, DATAOXY will design the database and provide a detailed plan specifying which tasks need to be completed and when they will be completed. DATAOXY will then streamline the development process and eliminate the guesswork.


“we adopt a global approach in our Application development services, which further helps us raise our standards with every project we pursue”. DATAOXY’s programmers will build the Web application using state of the art and industry-standard development tools. Beginning with the structure and housing of the data sets and completing with the user-defined actions. We perform regular usability reviews throughout the development process to ensure the application is functioning properly, resolving any issues along the way.


“We consider Application testing a very important stage to be able to establish an independent project with independent working teams”. DATAOXY offers quality Application testing services that are based on latest industry methods. This allow us to perform stringent applications tests for quality and dependable results and ensures eradication of bugs and errors so that our clients get the very best when it comes to quality standards.

Maintenance/ Support

Once the testing work has been completed, DATAOXY will release the application live, hosting of which can be provided by us. DATAOXY will customize and recommend a support plan to ensure that maintaining and updating your web application is a simple process regardless of where the application is hosted.